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Being a Woman Is Not a Punishment: What’s at Stake for Men in the Policing of Women’s Bodies Dec 4, 2022 gender & 2022 I initially wanted to make this post about what’s at stake for men in the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v Wade. Then, in September, women in A Gratitude in Me That I Did Not Fully Appreciate at the Time Aug 2, 2022 2022 I was scrolling through my photos the other day, looking for I-don’t-remember-what, when the picture I’ve cropped down to this image of my Three Poems of Mine That Should Never Have Become As Relevant As They Are Now Jun 16, 2022 writing & 2022 Sometimes you publish a poem in response to the current moment, whatever that may be, and then the moment passes, and the poem no longer feels as Deciding Whether Something Should Be a Poem or an Essay Jun 2, 2022 Writing & 2022 When I wrote a couple of posts ago about the writers who influenced me early on in terms of craft, I tried to focus on those aspects of making a An Essay That Took Me More Than Thirty Years to Write Has Been Published! Apr 11, 2022 my work & 2022 I am very excited that an essay it took me nearly thirty years to write, “The First Time I Told Someone,” was published earlier this month by A Provocation: Christianness (Not Christianity) Is to Jews and the People of Other Non-Christian Religions As Whiteness Is to People of Color Apr 7, 2022 jewish & 2022 Last year, at the end of a meeting I attended, the presiding officer, a Jewish woman, in the process of wishing attendees happy holidays and happy What Writers Have Influenced Your Work? Mar 24, 2022 my work & 2022 I don’t think I’ve read an interview with a writer where the interviewer did not ask some version of this question. In responding to John What I’ve Been Thinking About Ukraine Mar 7, 2022 jewish & 2022 Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine casts its long shadow over everything I do these days, even the small, mundane moments, like washing the dishes When Did You Start Writing? Jan 15, 2022 my work & poetry & 2022 In March of 2020, just before the pandemic shutdown, I received from John Wisniewski the first two of the seven or eight questions that would