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A Provocation: Christianness (Not Christianity) Is to Jews and the People of Other Non-Christian Religions As Whiteness Is to People of Color Apr 7, 2022 jewish & 2022 Last year, at the end of a meeting I attended, the presiding officer, a Jewish woman, in the process of wishing attendees happy holidays and happy What I’ve Been Thinking About Ukraine Mar 7, 2022 jewish & 2022 Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine casts its long shadow over everything I do these days, even the small, mundane moments, like washing the dishes Thirteen Thoughts About Palestine, Israel, and Antisemitism Jun 11, 2021 2021 & jewish Anyone who knows anything about how not just the presence of Jewish human beings, but also the mere idea of Jews and Judaism, have been experienced Antisemitism Has Always Been a Part of My Life - 1 Oct 26, 2020 jewish & 2020 (I wrote the original version of this post at least four years ago, but events of the last couple of years, along with what I wrote in my last post My Response to the Erasure of Antisemitism in Namrata Poddar’s Article in the Recent Issue of Poets & Writers Oct 12, 2020 poetry & race & jewish & 2020 In an article called ”Return to the MFA: A Call for Systemic Change in the Literary Arts”, which Poets & Writers published in its September/October From “The Lines That Antisemitism and Racism Draw” Aug 1, 2020 jewish & 2020 Today is Shabbat Nachamu, the Sabbath of Consolation. Last year at this time, I was on a family vacation in Europe, sitting in our host’s dining From “Pluralism and Its Discontents: The Case of Blacks and Jews,” by Cheryl Greenberg Jul 20, 2020 jewish & race & quotes & 2020 Twenty five years or so ago, not too long after I first started teaching at the college where I am still a professor, one of my colleagues—the woman From God’s Phallus, by Howard Eilberg-Schwartz Jun 1, 2020 quotes & feminism & jewish & 2020 If the deity is the father writ large, then this divine masculinity is by no means simply a confirmation of human masculinity. It is at the same I Just Learned About the Equal Justice Initiative - If You Don’t Know About It, You Should May 20, 2020 jewish & race & 2020 In “The Lines That Antisemitism and Racism Draw,” a series of letters I composed during the summer of 2016 that were published in December of that “My Companion’s Scent Seeped Into Me” - National Sa’di Day Apr 21, 2019 translation & jewish & 2019 Today is National Sa’di Day, and I’ve been thinking about one of my favorite bits of verse from his Golestan: I held in my bath a perfumed piece of Trying to Write After Charlottesville Aug 26, 2017 jewish & race & 2017 I’ve been trying to write something in response to Charlottesville for the past two weeks, but I’ve had a hard time finding the words. It’s not that