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Three Poems of Mine That Should Never Have Become As Relevant As They Are Now Jun 16, 2022 writing & 2022 Sometimes you publish a poem in response to the current moment, whatever that may be, and then the moment passes, and the poem no longer feels as Deciding Whether Something Should Be a Poem or an Essay Jun 2, 2022 Writing & 2022 When I wrote a couple of posts ago about the writers who influenced me early on in terms of craft, I tried to focus on those aspects of making a A Lovely Review Of “For My Son, a Kind of Prayer” Mar 26, 2018 writing & 2018 I know I am late posting this to my blog, but I just had to say how happy I am with the review of my chapbook, For My Son, A Kind of Prayer, that “Between the 1930s and the Year 2000…only 32 Novels Were Translated From Arabic Into Hebrew.” Aug 20, 2017 writing & 2017 The post that statistic in the title comes from is from 2011. It’s by Olivia Snaije, Arabic and Hebrew: The Politics of Literary Translation, on the Anatomy of a Book Cover Jul 28, 2017 writing & 2017 Not too long ago, I received from my publisher, Guernica Editions, the final proof of the cover of my new book of poems, Words For What Those Men A Video of the Book Launch For “Veils, Halos & Shackles” Apr 17, 2017 writing & 2017 Note: the poems in this video deal with sexual violence. I am happy that “For My Son, A Kind of Prayer” is in Veils, Halos & Shackles: